Work Smallpower collaborates with popular and talented Congolese musicians and actors to create compelling entertainment that fuses the emotional and rational arguments for adopting risk-reducing behavior. Since 2006, we've made, marketed, and distributed music, music videos, a documentary, a concert film, and a television show. We've also produced live concerts, theatrical performances, and public screenings of our work. Smallpower creates something unique in the DRC: Congolese stories with American production values, about, by, and for the Congolese people.
Rien que la Vérité
Rien que la Vérité a cultural variety show of interviews, performances, and music videos, anchored by a serial family drama that entertains while exploring vital social issues. The show is broadcast nationally in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reaching an estimated 3 to 5 million people weekly. Read more about Rien que la Vérité
The Music Videos
The Music Videos Fifteen music videos recorded by top Congolese musicians against HIV/AIDS and sexual and gender-based violence. Read more about The Music Videos
The Concert
The Concert An all-day stadium concert featuring some of the DRC's most famous musicians. Read more about The Concert
The Documentary
The Documentary A documentary of the making of an album with songs by internationally-known Congolese musicians, including Papa Wemba, Jean Goubald, Fally Ipupa, Kester Emeneya, Manda Chante, Felix Wazekwa, and Bill Clinton. Read more about The Documentary
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