Company Smallpower is an American small business working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the last four years, smallpower has created a variety of PEPFAR-funded media that addresses social issues through the medium of pop culture; issues such as HIV/AIDS, sexual and gender-based violence, and conflict resolution. Our relationships with Congolese musicians and actors; with local and international NGOs; with the US and Congolese governments; with national television and radio stations, and our established and popular Rien que la Vérité brand give us a unique ability to quickly and effectively reach a large and receptive audience.

Tomas Apodaca is a co-founder of smallpower, where he is a writer, director, and the technical lead. He worked at Stamen Design where he co-created visualizations of large sets of data like cabspotting and the national town hall map, and was a co-founder of the web development, entertainment, and R&D company Angry Monkey.

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Ben Olander is co-founder of smallpower, where he is a writer, director, designer and show runner. Ben ran the HIV/AIDS platform for PSI (Population Services International) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, worked with a microfinance bank for UK-based VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) in Cameroon. Ben also has an extensive background in new media as the co-founder of San Francisco-based Angry Monkey and the former Executive Creative Director at web-development agency Organic.

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Tunga Mbia is smallpower’s Executive Producer. She’s worked behind the camera, as a documentary director (Miseducating the World: The Misrepresentation of Africans in the Media), and a production assistant for 40 Acres and a Mule. She’s also worked in front of the camera, as a presenter for Imagine Afrika, a pan-African reality show, and as a VJ for MTV Europe.

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