March 15, 2010

Week 133


Kinshasa's heat wave finally broke this week, and we got three generous rainstorms. Construction on Blvd. 30 Juin seems to have accelerated. They may be trying to finish it in time for the upcoming 50-year anniversary of independence from Belgium. The less momentous 4-year anniversary of my (Tomas's) first arrival in Kinshasa will come just a few days earlier.

The past has been a lot on our mind this week, as we've been organizing every aspect of smallpower's history into a coherent narrative. Nicole and I burned DVDs of almost everything we've made in the last 4 years. In the end it took up more than 50 discs. I wrote a report about our efforts at measurement & evaluation. Ben, Lara, and Mette spent time getting our records in order.

Eric continued his work with the JAMA Video crew, putting them through more exercises and helping them pitch for work. Joys took Eric to his neighborhood in Bandal to meet the Chinese who live and work there.

Last night, we went to a parcel in Limite to pay our respects to a cast member whose 6-month old son died of a lung infection this week. When we returned home, the crew stayed up past midnight filming music videos for Trésor (he plays Dady Tola, Katya's boyfriend, in Rien que la Vérité) and José (our chroniqueur de musique.) This morning a parade of young women marched down our street, celebrating the anniversary of their school.



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