March 2, 2010

Photo Essay: Behind the Scenes in Kinshasa


Almost every frame that smallpower shoots is done on location in Kinshasa. Field production anywhere can be challenging, but in Kinshasa it is especially difficult. One of the biggest challenges the team faces is light. The equatorial sun here can be blinding at certain times of the year, causing harsh shadows and forcing the team to be very creative with how to manage the extreme lighting conditions.

filming in Kasa-Vubu
The opportunity to film on location is a rather unique privilege in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since taking pictures in public can be legally and culturally quite difficult. Over the many years smallpower has been working in the DRC, we have been able to build deep relationships with various government ministries and community leaders that allow us to overcome this challenge.

Stade Vélodrome in Kintambo
Football (soccer) plays a very important role throughout Rien que la Vérité (Nothing but the Truth). These shots were taken during the filming of RQLV's first episode in one of Kinshasa's many football stadiums. It's worthwhile noting that both the actors and the production team were running around for most of the day in scorching equatorial heat that often exceeded 100 degrees fahrenheit (38 degrees celsius). In addition to light, heat is another key concern for the actors and crew who must spend hours upon hours exposed to the intense sun.

Stade Vélodrome in Kintambo
For more photos of smallpower's location shoots, our team and life in Kinshasa, visit our Picasa albums here.



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