March 4, 2010

Marketing the JAMA Video Project


No one disagrees that there is an untapped market in Kinshasa for professional video services. Where that market actually is, is something of a discussion. So when it comes to getting the word out about the JAMA Video Project (JVP), we will approach the usual suspects like the United Nations, the major Western embassies, and the big international corporations that have operations in the DRC. However, a new market that remains entirely untapped is the Chinese.

The JAMA Video Project brochure
The Chinese now have one of the largest diplomatic and corporate presences of any country currently operating in the DRC. Moreover, with the population of Chinese émigrés surging, their presence in Kinshasa and around the country is only going to grow. We want to target this emerging market (oh the irony of one emerging market within another). All of JVP's marketing materials will be available in Chinese and distributed at various Chinese restaurants around Kinshasa frequented by visiting business delegations, corporate leaders, and diplomats. No one is really sure if the Chinese market will surface, but it does feel like it could be a missed opportunity to not even try.



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